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Choosing the right early learning program for our children can be challenging with so many choices available. The decision of choosing the right place for your child’s second home is not an easy one. New Generation Early Learning Centre @Rockingham is dedicated to providing your child with a unique learning environment that is as close to home as possible where they will feel both welcome and nurtured. With the Montessori philosophy and method, we will ensure that our children have fun while learning, engage in structured hands-on activities, and discover their stimulating and meaningful environment. Team members are selected based on their passion, experience, and commitment to our philosophy and beliefs. Our staff regularly receives EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework) training and professional development. Book a tour today to find out why parents choose our service and discover our unique programs.

New Generation Early Learning Centre @Rockingham

About us

Childcare Centre at Rockingham | Waikiki

Since 2020, New Generation Early Learning Centre has been under new management. The owner, has 17 years of experience in child care and is dedicated to creating a joyful, caring, and educational environment for children. New Generation Early Learning Centre is a home away from home for children, and it is a place where every child may feel safe, cherished, and calm.

We think that children, each one wonderful and unique, are our future. Our centre promotes healthy interactions so that children feel respected and cherished while also learning life skills via meaningful activities.

We believe that using play to create a stimulating learning environment allows children to explore, enjoy, and discover their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual world. Our program is designed to cater to each child’s unique interests, needs, and developmental stages, while remaining flexible enough to be spontaneous and non-restrictive.

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To address the needs of children and families by providing a secure, caring, supporting, inviting, inclusive, high-quality, and affordable early learning and childcare program.



Provide a secure environment for children to acquire various skills in order to prepare them for school and a better life.



Love Responsibility Respect And Dignity Equality of opportunity for all


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